Data Center Demands

Data centers around the globe are finding that with the release of high wattage CPUs and GPUs, liquid cooling is becoming a necessity. At the same time, data centers are under demand to simultaneously increase energy efficiency, consolidate operations and reduce costs. Asetek’s spectrum of solutions allow data centers to implement liquid cooling with no changes to data center cooling infrastructure. As the world leading provider of cost-effective liquid cooling systems for data centers, Asetek provides solutions to address these demands while providing OPEX savings, CAPEX optimization, increased performance and increased density.

Asetek's solutions provide immediate and measurable benefits to large and small data centers alike.


Reduce OPEX

The inefficiency of air versus water for cooling results in a high cost of power for traditional air cooling. High energy cost for operating CRACs, CRAHs and cooling towers is addressed with Asetek liquid cooling for data centers. Using more power efficient liquid cooling can replace these components with low cost dry coolers and because cooling of high wattage components is done with hot water, energy costs are further lowered. Data center energy OPEX costs can typically be reduced by 60%, saving millions of dollars per year for a typical data center.


Optimize CAPEX

The reduced energy usage from liquid cooling enables a shift of CAPEX to Compute Cycles. By not requiring the purchase of more HVAC infrastructure, data center management can reallocate CAPEX to grow data center server count within its current power envelope. The need for any increase in overall heat rejection can be addressed by the purchase of low cost dry coolers rather than more chillers. By being able to increase rack densities, data center build outs can be avoided or delayed thanks to more efficient use of physical space by increasing server count within existing racks.

Unleash Performance Potential

* 1) As seen in MSU HPC Shadow Cluster 2) Asetek performance/watt 10.9% - 18.2% higher,  Int. J. High Performance Computing and Networking, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2016

* 1) As seen in MSU HPC Shadow Cluster 2) Asetek performance/watt 10.9% - 18.2% higher, Int. J. High Performance Computing and Networking, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2016

Liquid cooling done right enables the optimization of computing throughput. Efficient cooling of high wattage CPUs, GPUs and memory enables maximum sustained CPU throughput and prevents CPU throttling. This efficient cooling also improves reliability and allows for future proofing of racks for even higher kW servers and blades.


Go Green

Overall reduction of data center energy usage through liquid cooling lowers the carbon footprint of data center operations. With the use of dry coolers rather than traditional cooling towers or evaporative free cooling solutions, water usage by the data center can become negligible. Asetek’s liquid cooling has also been used for the capture of waste heat for reuse in building, campus or district heating.


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