Why Liquid Cooling is Relevant

HPC, AI and Machine Learning workloads require high performance processors in dense configurations. The racks deployed for these applications have significantly higher power densities and air is no longer a reliable solution to cool these rack types.

Asetek offers a highly flexible liquid cooling platform to efficiently cool the latest server designs and help users manage the transition from an air cooled to liquid cooled environment.

Asetek & Intel Collaboration

Asetek has collaborated with Intel to bring warm water liquid cooling to the latest Intel Compute Modules featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and Intel® Xeon PhiTMProcessors. Both Intel® Server Board S2600BP-based and Intel® Server Board S7200APR-based Data Center Blocks have now been validated with Asetek liquid cooling technology. These liquid cooled Compute Modules are available from the Intel Data Center Solutions Group.

Intel® Compute Modules

New Intel® Compute Modules, HNS2600BPBLC and HNS7200APRL, come with Asetek liquid cooling integrated at the factory for easy deployment by OEMs and SIs for HPC and Data Center environments.

Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BPBLC

Utilizes Asetek D2C liquid cooling loops and utilizes Asetek RackCDUs to transfer heat captured from the compute modules to facilities liquid. Asetek liquid cooler installed into server node at factory before shipping. Data center operators can realize increases in rack density and reduction in data center cooling costs. For more info, click here.

Intel® Compute Module HNS7200APRL

Utilizes Asetek Liquid Assisted Air Cooling (LAAC) technology to allow heat captured by the liquid to be expelled by traditional data center air handling. Allows the use of higher performance processors in dense configurations without any changes to the data center infrastructure. For more info, click here.

Asetek Direct-to-Chip (D2C) Liquid Cooling Architecture

How to Deploy Intel® Compute Modules with Asetek D2C Liquid Cooling

1. Purchase Intel® Compute Modules from Intel distributor.

2. Purchase RackCDU and connection hoses/tubes from Asetek.

3. Ensure site is plumbed to provide facility water to racks. 

How to Deploy Intel® Compute Modules with Asetek Liquid Assisted Air Cooling (LAAC)

1. Purchase Intel® Compute Modules
from Intel distributor.

2. Install in rack like a traditional air
cooled server.

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