Recycling Waste Heat at UiT in Norway


Challenge: Data Center Energy Reuse
Solution: HP SL230 with RackCDU D2C
Result: UiT Recoups Over 70% of Supercomputing Power for Campus Heating

UiT is the northernmost university in the world with four campuses spread out across Norway. With an average temperature of 4ºC, UiT is an ideal location for re-use of waste heat from data centers. In 2013, Asetek was chosen by UiT for a pilot install of Asetek’s RackCDU™ hot water liquid cooling system in the university’s High Performance Computing facility. The success of this trial resulted in a complete build out of liquid cooling in the cluster in 2015

With the heated liquid generated from the data center, servers can be used to heat the university campus. Initial testing has shown it is possible to achieve that greater than 70% waste heat recycling with a delta of 25ºC between input and exit temperature of the cooling water.


Installation Details