Asetek liquid cooling undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability. In the above image, our coolers are put into a freezer to test performance in extreme temperatures. Below are a few of the other tests that we put our liquid coolers through to ensure that each will operate properly from the day they are put into service.

helium_integrity_tester.jpg (1)

Helium Integrity Tester
Assembled systems are filled with Helium and checked for escaping gas. If tiny Helium molecules cannot escape, neither can much larger water molecules.

precision_filling.jpg (1)

Precision Filling
Precise filling is achieved by first removing all air from the system and then letting cooling fluid rush in to fill the system.

performance_tester.jpg (1)

Performance Tester
Delivering excellent cooling is the purpose of all liquid coolers.  Asetek liquid coolers are 100% performance tested before they leave the factory.




The more noise a workstation makes, the more distracted we become, and the more it keeps us from focusing on the creative process. Asetek's whisper quiet water cooling is an ideal solution for CAD and digital content professionals who demand distraction-free work environments.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "the idea that people get used to noise is a myth. Even when we think we have become accustomed to noise, biological changes still take place inside us." In addition, "Noise does not have to be loud to bring on these responses." Any fluctuation in sound, regardless of noise level, can be intrusive. Liquid cooling takes advantage of water’s thermal capacity to dampen spikes in noise and deliver a superior quiet computing experience.

Professionals in industries like Mechanical Computer Aided Design and Digital Media and Entertainment rely on powerful workstations to deliver high performance and reliability. Asetek's whisper-quiet liquid cooling increases productivity and creativity for users of applications like Adobe's Creative Cloud, Autodesk AutoCAD and SolidWorks, making liquid cooling a smart choice when configuring their next workstation.




Picture yourself in the midst of playing your favorite PC game. The action is intense and the story is superb, but the stutter in the gameplay and resolution of the graphics leave you wanting more. Asetek's liquid cooling gives you the ability to upgrade the gaming potential and performance of your CPU and GPU.

Gaming enthusiasts have long known that overclocking CPUs and GPUs enables better graphics, smoother motion, and more vivid detail. A danger of overclocking is damage from overheating that results if inferior cooling methods are used. Asetek's technology exploits one of the significant advantages that water cooling has over air cooling—the fact that water has a thermal capacity 4,000 times greater than air.

Asetek's liquid cooling taps into the hidden performance from CPUs and GPUs, often times pushing their performance past what is available on store shelves. Additionally, cost conscious do-it-yourself enthusiasts can purchase a lower priced CPU and overclock it to speeds of a more expensive chip.

Asetek draws on years of experience as the industry-leading supplier of all-in-one liquid cooling systems to create new innovations that showcase our continued commitment to increasing the performance of gaming and workstation systems alike.




High power compute-intensive applications thrive on a performance workstation. By liquid cooling your performance workstation, you can squeeze every clock of performance out of CPUs and GPUs, saving you time and money through a shortened workflow.

Whether you’re in the entertainment industry working on the next blockbuster film or designing the next Golden Gate Bridge, liquid cooled hardware can help you bring your thoughts to life on time and on budget. 

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