Asetek Data Center Liquid Cooling at ISC16

We recently featured our data center liquid cooling technology at the 2016 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt Germany.

For the first time, Asetek displayed the new InRackCDU™ cooling solution. InRackCDU provides the option of having RackCDU™ mounted in the server rack. InRackCDU doesn't take up aisle space and includes the same monitoring features as Asetek’s VerticalRackCDU™.

We also showcased solutions in use and being installed at HPC sites worldwide from OEMs such as Cray®, Fujitsu®, Format®, Penguin®. Liquid cooling for IBM®/OpenPower™, NVIDIA® Pascal™ and node-level liquid cooling for Intel® Knight’s Landing™ were also on display.